10550168_913545978696995_126147473647690163_oWelcome to daviddorer.com! I am a Georgia-licensed trial attorney based in Macon, Georgia, and I like to podcast and write about news, politics, and law.
Check out the Dorer Daily, which is a brief, daily broadcast of the news and politics of the day. On Wednesdays I produce a lawyer Q&A segment called Talking Law with David Dorer, and every Friday I produce a week-in-review roundtable discussion podcast called the David Dorer Show, which is now in its third year.
We broadcast live and record with Pro Tools. Our server for the podcasts is Spreaker, and you can listen to old episodes there, or you can subscribe on iTunes and on Stitcher. Just search my name, you’ll find me, I’m sure.
All podcasts are broadcast live from Maglaw Studios in Macon, Georgia.
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